Who doesn’t love beautiful hands and nails?

With the fingernail art trend growing, everyone puts their hands on display all the time. With these basic fingernail and hand care methods, you can be assured your cuticles and nail art won’t be ruined.

1. Protect Using Sunscreen:

Just like your face, your hands can wrinkle real fast. Kitabayashi blends lotion with Shiseido Extra Smooth Sun Protection Cream SPF 38 and this is available for $34 and found on shiseido.com). If you don’t want dry hands, don’t use sunscreen alone.

2. Nail care easily with nail polish

Naively nails are quite awesome, nail enhancements really cause a lot of harm to your nails if you use nail polish inappropriate. Do you know that nail polish contains a harmful substance called acetone, and this weakens nails? Use only the best of polishes for your manicure. Do not use expired nail polish.
You should use some best nail dipping system friendly products and environment such as: sns dipping powder, dnd nail polish or kiara sky gel nail polish…

3. Protect with anti-aging cream

L’Oréal Paris Revitalift can be found at drugstores for $20 and above. With its retinol element it improves elasticity. Using this product at the back of your hands overnight helps conquer crepeyness.

In addition, you must regularly monitor the appearance of nail fungus, it is easy to grow when encountered favorable conditions.

4. Moisturize post-sanitizer:

This step is important but most of us wouldn’t think about it. Too much alcohol dehydrates the nails and skin and aids polish chip. Just be patient till the sanitizer dries up.

5. Master the art of cuticle care:

Your manicure will look old if you allow your cuticle to tear and dry up. If you also cut up your cuticles, you open them up to infections and they will end up looking worse. Try nipping only nails that can wiggle and exfoliate your hands with a body scrub. Available on sallybeauty.com for $6, the Be Natural Eliminator can soften your cuticles weekly. You can then push them back gently using a cuticle stick.

6. Use oils to lube up:

The best way to keep your skin moist is by using oils. We recommend Sally Hansen Chapped Hand Creme. It contains safflower seed oil that is good for the skin and can be found at drugstores for only $6..

7. Don’t put your hands into icy or hot water:

As cold water can cause a constriction and dilate your capillary vessels, which in turn leads to redness, hot water can also dry up your skin by taking away sebum.

8. Milky hand washes are fantastic:

The clearer the cleanser, the possibility of it drying out your skin is increased. Soaps that are often marked “antibacterial should be avoided. This is because they contain a harsh chemical called triclosan and they can harm your skin. You can opt for soaps that contain natural antibacterial elements like eucalyptus or tree oil.